Laser Cut Key

Laser Cut Key

Laser Cut Car Key – High-Security Car Keys

In automotive key parlance, High-Security Keys simply refers to the kind of blade the key arrives with. Most car keys are single sided while others are double-sided. The single-sided imply having the blades on top only while the double imply blades on top and bottom. These keys are easy to duplicate and copy. Unlike these regular keys, the laser cut keys are milled at the center of the blade with the aid of a laser cut key device or machine possessing unique cutting blade. Often, most car owners are ignorant, lacking the knowledge that their cars possess a high-security car key. This is because; the keys do no possess buttons nor batteries.

Laser Cut Car Key

Should my car have high-Security Keys? 

The truth is that almost all contemporary car manufacturers have some or all of their models furnished with High-Security keys. There is a need for you to join the bandwagon. Earlier vehicles are beginning to furnish their vehicles with laser cut keys in the last few years.


What does this imply for you?

This implies that cars are becoming more difficult to burgle, and keys are more difficult to cut too. A few of the car models require the services of a locksmith while others need a dealership. Contact us at Tucson Locksmith 24, to make your inquiries. We shall assist, and we share more information on the subject. On demand, a Locksmith can visit you to recommend, replace or duplicate laser cut keys.

Lock Brands

Locks Brands

Top Locks Brands

When a list of the most trusted door lock brands comes to mind, it does not just suggest you should trust the brands; rather, it tries to explain that these are brands that people have trusted over time. In this article, we will examine whether people have invested their trust in these brands or if this trust was just a form of deception from the companies.

Obviously, these brands have different lock modes with different abilities. What this means is that each lock would have a different level of strength and porosity which may not really match with the companies’ profile.

Well, to get balance information, it is ideal we represent facts, rather than taking sides with few selected key lock companies.

If you are ready, let’s go…


Schlage Locks

If you visit most stores to buy a key lock, you’ll certainly find Schlage locks. They are quite expensive than Kwikset but have a strong and sturdy look, and are hard to pick.

Schlage company have different types of models but their least quality and cheapest keys are certainly better than the cheapest Kwikset.

Everest and Primus which have a cylinder look are widely accepted due to their ability to resist pick and bump, but they are certainly pickable and bumpable. Key locks from Schlage are largely dependable with low prices and are widely accepted by the public.


Mul T Lock

This brand is top as a household name. Going by description, the Mul-T-Lock is easily recognized when sighted. Most people rely on their strength and sturdy built. Often times, a user needs to have good knowledge about the lock in order to make it pick. With these descriptions, it is certain that Mul-T-Lock is a brand to depend on.



Kwikset Locks

Most people have used this model even without knowing it by name. Kwikset is very popular in most doors in the USA. Apart from its popularity, it is very affordable and for efficiency, it is less durable compared to other brands. The lock is very easy to pick and it is bumpable.



Medeco Locks

This brand is seen to have the best lock, even as lots of people use it. Though people have mixed opinion about the functionality of the lock, the fact is that not many people have the skills to pick it. One challenge Medeco has is that they always upgrade their design in order to keep up with patents and as this continued, the lock became less strong. But, in 2012, the issue was resolved. Yet, that old negative impression on the minds of people hasn’t changed for good.


Yale Locks

Yale has a wide trusted reputation. With this, it will be difficult for anyone to make unsavory remarks about them. In addition, they are the creators of the popular pin tumbler lock. By implication, it means that other stronger brands are taking a cue from the Yale brand.



In conclusion, the profile of a certain brand does not mean the key lock is durable. All you need to do is, make good research and find the best fit for your door.

Benefits of Mobile Locksmith

Top Benefits of Mobile Locksmith Service

Most times, people do not think about the services of a locksmith until they need one. This normally happens when you are stranded by the roadside or in a parking lot when your keys are just dangling on your car’s ignition but the doors are locked. This obviously, is the time you’ll begin to think of having a locksmith to rescue you.

The benefits of a mobile locksmith can never be exhausted; whether you need them for your car or home. Their services center on rekeying, lock replacement, master key systems, key control, and several other key solutions.

Apart from the fact that they can provide a solution to your problem, they always respond fast, no matter the time you contact them.

This piece talks more on the top benefits of having Tucson mobile locksmith in times when you need us.

Here are 5 benefits you need us:

24 Hours Availability

Sometimes, emergencies meet you at the wrong time of the day. You may not be the type that stays out late but the night you decided to hang out or attend to a situation, you encounter a hitch. Obviously, this one in a thousand times that you mistakenly locked your keys right inside your car and you are stranded. At this time of the night, Tucson mobile locksmith will show up when you make that call.

Remote Locations

Most times, vehicles get locked down at remote locations that are kind of difficult to reach. If this happens to you, never mind because we at Tucson mobile locksmiths are well equipped to trace the location to provide an easy solution to that lock challenge.

Professional Services

Most mobile locksmiths are well trained in specific areas like forensic locksmithing. This area of knowledge gives them the ability to determine whether a lock has been compromised or not. Well, this is not peculiar to us. We either partner with security agencies or carry out our task independently, depending on the situation.

Quick Response

One amazing feature about mobile locksmith is their fast response to situations; irrespective you’re locked outside your home or you are stranded with your car or office are mistakenly locked outside your reach, mobile locksmiths are always conscious of responding swiftly to fix that problem back to normal.

Wider Reach

There are lots of times when people encounter a key lock challenge and get so frustrated that they can’t find a good locksmith. This is far more than what you think. Locksmiths are mobile and that is why they can carry out their service at any location. Our team of professional locksmiths has the capacity to reach you as fast as you can imagine, no matter the distance you are.

Mobile Locksmith Tucson AZ

It is now confirmed that there is a solution to that key or lock problem you may face with your office, car or house. Do not break that door. Rather, get in touch with a well -trained locksmith and have that locked door open for you.