Rekeying Locks, Changing Locks

Rekeying locks VS Changing locks

So, when you fire an employee or your roommate leaves the house, or you end up getting a divorce, in all such situations, you would not want all of these people to access your premises again without your permission. Hence, you simply change the locks of your premises. But, do you know that there is a lot cheaper method of restricting the entry of these people by not changing the locks but simply rekeying them?

Yes, it’s not always recommended to change the locks and spend a huge amount of money on buying new locks. Most of the time, you can ask the professional locksmith to simply rekey the locks. It’s a cheap method and would do the job finely!

Changing the locks is recommended in those situations when the lock has been severely damaged and can’t be rekeyed. So, at such a point, you’ll need to spend a good amount and buy a new lock because you don’t have any other option left!

Lock Change, Rekeying

What is meant by rekeying?

Not most of the people are aware of rekeying. Well, rekeying is basically the task of changing the key of the lock to some new key so that the old one becomes totally unworkable. In simpler meanings, you will keep on using the old lock, but a new key will be required to unlock it after rekeying.

When you should opt for rekeying?

You should opt for rekeying when you move into a new house and are unaware of the fact that who else holds the key to your house. So, in such a case, the locks of the new house will be totally new. But, these locks will not secure your house. So, when you are unsure, you can opt for rekeying.

The next scenario might be that you lose the keys to your premises and you are scared that someone would find the keys and would break-in. So, in order to fully secure your house, you should get rekeying done immediately!

A lot of people share their homes with other people. For example, you might be living with a roommate or your wife. So, if your roommate moves out, you’ll never want him/her to enter your premises without your permission. Similarly, if you’ve got divorced, you can’t let your ex into the premises. Hence, rekeying your locks would help you to accomplish the job!

When you should opt for changing locks?

You need to change the locks when the locks go through a lot of wear and tear and become too old. Also, now in the market, you’ll come across high-security locks. So, it is better that you change the locks into much better locks in order to ensure the complete security of your premises. Robbery attempts could also damage the locks. So, the best thing is to change the locks in all such cases!

The Bottom Line

Make sure that you call a competent locksmith for rekeying or changing the locks. Also, when you are about to change the locks, ensure that the locks are of a renowned brand.

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