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Laser Cut Key

Laser Cut Key

Laser Cut Car Key – High-Security Car Keys

In automotive key parlance, High-Security Keys simply refers to the kind of blade the key arrives with. Most car keys are single sided while others are double-sided. The single-sided imply having the blades on top only while the double imply blades on top and bottom. These keys are easy to duplicate and copy. Unlike these regular keys, the laser cut keys are milled at the center of the blade with the aid of a laser cut key device or machine possessing a unique cutting blade. Often, most car owners are ignorant, lacking the knowledge that their cars possess a high-security car key. This is because; the keys do no possess buttons nor batteries.

Laser Cut Car Key

Should my car have high-Security Keys? 

The truth is that almost all contemporary car manufacturers have some or all of their models furnished with High-Security keys. There is a need for you to join the bandwagon. Earlier vehicles are beginning to furnish their vehicles with laser cut keys in the last few years.


What does this imply for you?

This implies that cars are becoming more difficult to burgle, and keys are more difficult to cut too. A few of the car models require the services of a locksmith while others need a dealership. Contact us at Tucson Locksmith 24, to make your inquiries. We shall assist, and we share more information on the subject. On-demand, a Locksmith can visit you to duplicate laser cut keys and for car key replacement service.