Rekeying Locks, Changing Locks

Rekeying locks VS Changing locks

So, when you fire an employee or your roommate leaves the house, or you end up getting a divorce, in all such situations, you would not want all of these people to access your premises again without your permission. Hence, you simply change the locks of your premises. But, do you know that there is a lot cheaper method of restricting the entry of these people by not changing the locks but simply rekeying them?

Yes, it’s not always recommended to change the locks and spend a huge amount of money on buying new locks. Most of the time, you can ask the professional locksmith to simply rekey the locks. It’s a cheap method and would do the job finely!

Changing the locks is recommended in those situations when the lock has been severely damaged and can’t be rekeyed. So, at such a point, you’ll need to spend a good amount and buy a new lock because you don’t have any other option left!

Lock Change, Rekeying

What is meant by rekeying?

Not most of the people are aware of rekeying. Well, rekeying is basically the task of changing the key of the lock to some new key so that the old one becomes totally unworkable. In simpler meanings, you will keep on using the old lock, but a new key will be required to unlock it after rekeying.

When you should opt for rekeying?

You should opt for rekeying when you move into a new house and are unaware of the fact that who else holds the key to your house. So, in such a case, the locks of the new house will be totally new. But, these locks will not secure your house. So, when you are unsure, you can opt for rekeying.

The next scenario might be that you lose the keys to your premises and you are scared that someone would find the keys and would break-in. So, in order to fully secure your house, you should get rekeying done immediately!

A lot of people share their homes with other people. For example, you might be living with a roommate or your wife. So, if your roommate moves out, you’ll never want him/her to enter your premises without your permission. Similarly, if you’ve got divorced, you can’t let your ex into the premises. Hence, rekeying your locks would help you to accomplish the job!

When you should opt for changing locks?

You need to change the locks when the locks go through a lot of wear and tear and become too old. Also, now in the market, you’ll come across high-security locks. So, it is better that you change the locks into much better locks in order to ensure the complete security of your premises. Robbery attempts could also damage the locks. So, the best thing is to change the locks in all such cases!

The Bottom Line

Make sure that you call a competent locksmith for rekeying or changing the locks. Also, when you are about to change the locks, ensure that the locks are of a renowned brand.

Lock Brands

Locks Brands

Top Locks Brands

When a list of the most trusted door lock brands comes to mind, it does not just suggest you should trust the brands; rather, it tries to explain that these are brands that people have trusted over time. In this article, we will examine whether people have invested their trust in these brands or if this trust was just a form of deception from the companies.

Obviously, these brands have different lock modes with different abilities. What this means is that each lock would have a different level of strength and resistance which may not really match with the companies’ profile.

Well, to get balance information, it is ideal we represent facts, rather than taking sides with few selected key lock companies.

If you are ready, let’s go…


Schlage Locks

If you visit most stores to buy a key lock, you’ll certainly find Schlage locks. They are quite expensive but have a strong and sturdy look, and are hard to pick.

Schlage company manufactures all types of commercial and residential locks including deadbolts, lever handles, and doorknobs.

Schlage produces high security locks brands: Primus, Everest, and Everest Primus XP.


Mul T Lock

Mul-T-Lock is an Israeli lock manufacturer company. This brand is one of the top names when it comes to high security locks. Going by the description, the Mul-T-Lock is easily recognized when sighted. Mul T Lock has a unique key design that is adapted to a cylinder that cannot be easily break-in. It is certain that Mul-T-Lock is a brand to depend on.



Kwikset Locks

Most people have used Kwikset locks even without knowing it by name. Kwikset is very popular in most doors in the USA. Apart from its popularity, it is very affordable and for efficiency, it is less durable compared to other brands. The old locks by Kwikset are very easy to pick and it is bumpable. In recent years they have made significant progress in the level of security of the locks and in addition, have developed very high-quality keyless locks.



Medeco Locks

The Medeco locks brand manufactures high-quality locks for residential and commercial uses. Medeco lock design features lock pins which can only be rotated by keys with angled cuts. Medeco lock is also considered one of the top locks manufacturers of high-security locks because of the strength and the security level of the locks.


Yale Locks

Yale has a wide trusted reputation. Yale is one of the world’s oldest and biggest lock manufacturer. Unlike the lock brands mentioned in this article Yale also specialize in locks for safes, and safes manufacture. The company name origins from the Yale family, who invented the pin tumbler cylinder lock. Yale’s comprehensive line of door hardware includes all types of door locks, exit devices, door closers, electromechanical products, and key systems.


In conclusion, Each lock has its advantages and disadvantages, all you need to do is, make a good research and find the best fit for your door and your needs.

High Security Locks Tucson AZ

High Security Locks

Reasons to Use High Security Locks

Many people seem to consider only high tech devices like electronic access control, burglar alarms, and camera systems when trying to increase the security of their home or office. Frequently neglected are the simple locks that secure the doors to the building. These locks are the physical security that deters intruders in the first place, so serious thought should be given to the type of locks you use on your doors. What many folks don’t understand is that the weakest point in their general security can be the type of locks on their doors. Using High Security Locks is among the best methods you can use to enhance the security of your home and/or office.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using high-security locks:

Patented Keys

High Security LocksAlmost all high security locks make use of a restricted key system. This means that the keys are patented and only an authorized locksmith can duplicate them. These keys may also use signature confirmation to prevent the key from being duplicated by an unauthorized individual. If at any time you have given your keys to someone else, you cannot be sure your key wasn’t duplicated. Most keys can be duplicated at a local hardware store. However, this is not possible with high-security keys. This means you’re completely in control of who you choose to have your keys.

Resistance to Physical Attack

All high security locks come with reinforced strike plates and sometimes with an interlocking deadbolt. These make for an effective securing of any home or office. Most criminals know that a hard kick to the door can get them inside most homes because most homes only make use of simple locks or just a deadbolt to secure the door. High-security locks have been built to withstand any physical attack, unlike ordinary locks.

High Security Locks

Pick and Drill Resistance

It’s very easy to pick standard locks. Anyone can obtain a lock pick easily online and with a little practice, the person can be opening doors as if he/she were using the door keys. High security locks have inherent pick resistant technologies, which mean that no one can pick the lock. Also, the cylinders of high security locks are specially made to resist a drill attack. Some locks can be opened by just drilling a hole on top of the cylinder, thereby creating a sheer line for the lock to be easily opened. Don’t even kid yourself that nobody knows this. Criminals know this and they use it to break into a lot of homes. This is the more reason why you should get high security locks for your home and/or office.

Before spending money on some fancy electronic security system, make sure the physical security is already taken care of and this is exactly what you get with high security locks.

Tucson Locksmith 24 offers all types of high security locks brands – install, replace, repair, and rekey high security locks. Call us now! We’re available 24/7!

Keyless Locks

Key Less Locks

Key Less Locks

If you’re like most people, you probably have a key chain filled with keys that are bulky, cumbersome and in danger of being lost. In addition to the awkwardness of carrying several keys around, locks that require keys also mean that every family member or employee needs to have a duplicate copy of the key. Locks that require keys are also easier to pick or jar loose. It’s time to lighten the weight and inconvenience of carrying around all of those keys while actually making your home and business more secure with key less locks.

Consider the many benefits of key less locks:Tucson AZ Locksmith
  • No bulky keys to carry around
  • Higher level of security
  • DIY Self-setting codes
  • Easy Installation
  • Stand Alone With No Power Source Needed
  • Affordable with a Lifetime Warranty

More About Key Less Locks

Key less locks provide better security, because there is no cylinder that can easily be picked or forced open. Instead of a key, you use a pin code to gain access to your home or office. If you find yourself in need of re-keying, all you have to do is change the code instead.

There are many benefits to key-less locks. A key-less lock is also sometimes referred to as a digital lock. The biggest appeal of a key-less locking system is that you never have to worry about losing your keys. Though, some options include a hybrid style that comes with a backup key just in case the electronics fail, the general idea is that there is no key to lose.

Digital key-less locks allow you to program them in a personalized manner. Program your locks to sound a security alarm when tampered with or to lock out a possible burglar after a set number of failed attempts to open the key-locking system are made.

Another safety measure that digital locks allow is biometric fingerprint technology. Since everyone has their own fingerprint that is not duplicated, setting a key-less locking system to recognize your fingerprint is an extra measure of safety.

Put an extra step of security between you and potential intruders by installing key-less locks. These digital locks provide push button combination pads that allow only those who know the code to get inside. Don’t ever fumble for your keys again. Simply enter the proper number combination into the keypad and gain entry. Reset your combination at your convenience.

Conveniently gain access with the security of knowing no one else has the electronic signal needed to release your locks. Use a remote key fob or Bluetooth technology with a Smartphone app.

Key Less Locks

Key Less Locks Installation 

Key-less locks are able to be installed much like any other standard lock. They don’t require a special frame or door or special wiring. Key-less locks are either mechanical, which don’t need a power source, or they are electronic, which run on standard AA batteries.


Call one of our professional and experienced locksmiths to Have your key-less locks installed today to make your home or office safe and secure in no time!

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks

The FBI reports that 60% of home and office break-ins occur with use of force. Take the extra secure step on your home or office doors by having deadbolt locks that provide extra strength when kicked or slammed during an attempted break-in. A deadbolt provides you with an extra step of safety by adding another point of security, and when it comes to burglars, even seconds that cause of delay can mean the difference between them finishing their break-in attempt or finding another victim. Doors usually come standard with a locking system that has a spring inside the handle. Adding a deadbolt provides extra safety measures that prevents break-ins.

The term “dead” bolt means that the part of the lock that extends into the door frame, the bolt, cannot be manually pushed back into the door like the common spring latch can. The bolt in a deadbolt lock can’t be forced open once it is closed, so it is said to be “dead” when it is in the locked position.

Deadbolt Lock

The three main parts of a deadbolt lock are:
  1. Key-accessible cylinder on the outside
  2. Throw or bolt that slides in and out of the door jamb
  3. Thumb turn that allows for manual control of the bolt from the inside

Deadbolt Lock Types

There are two main types of deadbolt lock cylinders. Single cylinder deadbolts are the most commonly used. They operate with a twist knob on the inside of the door and have a keyhole on the outside. These are really secure in most cases, though if you have a glass panel door, the glass may be broken to gain access to the inside knob that turns the deadbolt making it less secure when installed on glass panel doors. To remedy this situation, double cylinder deadbolts require a key to operate the lock from both the outside and inside of the door, making it near impossible to break open even if a crook has broken the glass on the glass panel door. However, some fire codes do not allow double cylinder locks because of safety concerns in the case of an emergency where you need to quickly exit only to encounter a lock that requires a key to escape.

Deadbolt locks also have two types of bolts, referred to as the throw. There is a horizontal and a vertical throw. On the standard horizontal throw, the bolt extends one inch beyond the edge of the door into the door jamb.

High Security Deadbolt Lock

Even though deadbolts provide an added layer of security from break-in attempts, sometimes a technique called lock bumping allows a burglar to pick the deadbolt lock. Consider this when selecting your deadbolt lock. Some systems offer a special cylinder and high-security box strike plate that is highly resistant to picking and bumping attempts. Also, the door itself and the door frame play a part in how secure your home or office will be.

Of course, even the most secure deadbolt locks won’t provide the safety you need if you forget to remove your key, and leave it for anyone to use, or if you turn the lock halfway thinking it’s fully engaged. Remedy the latter problem by having a twofold chamber deadbolt, and always ask to have the door jamb secured by fortifying the strike plates with longer screws mounted into wall studs or consider a digital deadbolt lock. The vertical throw, also called a surface mounted deadbolt, engages by interlocking with a set of cast metal rings that are affixed to the frame of the door making it almost impossible to pry open.


Take the extra step to a more secure lock today by calling a licensed locksmith who will install deadbolt locks for you in a hurry!